Security and Cookies Policy

Security and Cookies Policy

At PaySmart Capital Limited (“Liquid”), trust is paramount. The following Security and Cookie Policy delineates our commitment to safeguarding your data across our Products and Services. We continually refine our security measures and might occasionally update this policy. However, such updates won’t compromise the overall security framework presented herein.

Safeguarding Your Information

1. Account and Device Integrity:

It’s vital that you keep your account credentials and devices secure.

2. Confidentiality:

Ensuring the confidentiality of your data is of the utmost importance to us. Any data you provide via our Products and Services is treated in alignment with our Terms of Use and other pertinent terms and conditions.

3. Cloud Infrastructure & Data Separation:

Our cloud platform is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), currently anchored in Singapore. For an in-depth look at AWS’s security protocols, refer to their security webpage and an overview of their security processes.

Within AWS, your data resides in a logically isolated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Network access among production hosts is stringently limited. Our firewall mechanisms ensure that only authorized entities and services have access to the production sphere. Furthermore, logical identifiers stamp all communication data with a customer ID, guaranteeing clear data ownership and preventing unauthorized access.

4. On-site Security:

The AWS facilities that host our Products and Services are fortified by robust security measures. This includes continuous video monitoring, intrusion detection systems, and two-factor authentication for authorized personnel. Each center is powered round-the-clock by redundant systems. For a detailed perspective, please consult AWS’s security processes whitepaper.

5. Proactive Security Approaches:

Our development cycle incorporates security from the ground up. Every phase of development—ranging from design and requirements to deployment—is underpinned by rigorous security considerations. Our engineering team conducts a plethora of security activities to uphold the integrity of our Products and Services.

Understanding Cookies

1. Purpose of Cookies:

As part of our commitment to enhancing user experiences, we might use cookies when you engage with our Products and Services.

Cookies are miniature data packets stored on your device’s browser when online. When you access our services, we can retrieve this data, allowing us to recognize your device and understand usage patterns. This insight lets us customize our offerings to your preferences and, with your consent, offer tailored marketing content.

2. Disabling Cookies:

If you wish to deactivate cookies, you can do so via your browser settings. However, this might limit your experience with our Products and Services. Note: Our mobile application doesn’t offer cookie management.

3. Data Harvested Through Cookies:

On occasion, we might employ third parties to study usage and activity on our Products and Services. The insights from cookies help us comprehend user behavior, demographics, and usage patterns, refining our marketing strategies. Rest assured, no personally identifiable data is shared with or collected by third parties during this process.

For any questions or concerns regarding our Security and Cookie Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us.