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Hyperledger Fabric

LIQUID applying Hyperledger Fabric to connect different parties in the entire procurement process, from buyer raising PO, Warehouse pick and pack, Logistics – product delivery , to invoicing by seller

Grow Business With Trusted Trade Data

Digital Purchase Order

Paperless, accurate, reliable trading data

Trucking Logistics

From Supplier to Buyer, monitor the end to end logistics flow

Financing Immediately

Trusted transaction data provide a fast and flexible financing

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  • blockchain
Identity Managemen
LIQUID’s Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned network which means that it offers a proper membership identity service. It can be used to authenticate and manage digital identity for those who are participating in the network.
Chaincode functionality
Chaincode functionality It supports chain code functionality which is useful for a specific type of transactions, including information of purchasing order, pick up note, delivery note, signed receipt and etc.
Efficient processing
The network created using Fabric is efficient as it ensures that the execution of the transaction is separate from the transaction commitment. It also provides parallelism and concurrency.
Privacy and confidentiality
LIQUID Hyperledger Fabric is designed to protects the business interest by ensuring that the transactions are confidential and private and stay within the same permissioned blockchain network.
Cost Effective

Eliminate manual process and increase accuracy

Trusted Data

Application of Blockcahin: Hyperledger Fabric

fast (1)

Required data can be ready in a second

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